Live Dealer Roulette For Real Money Gambling in Pennsylvania

Live Dealer Roulette is relatively new to the gambling world. It is one of the recent adaptations of online gambling.

Here, the players connect to the in-house casino camera and witness real-life dealers spin the wheel. These live dealers get to communicate with the players and vice versa. Players are allowed to bet on the possible outcomes of each game. Other features of live dealer roulette include; a 360 angle camera view and microphones used by the dealers. This version of the game has successfully recreated the traditional style of playing the game but in a modern world.

This article gives detailed information on how to play the game. It serves as a Pennsylvania Live dealer roulette guide for gamblers. The details include;  how to pick the perfect site for you, features of the game, the different variations, game odds, compatibility with mobile devices, bonuses & promotions, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Casinos in Pennsylvania offer live roulette websites. All the social interaction elements included in this version of Roulette give it an edge over the others. It is easy to adapt to by traditional casino lovers. Gamblers play live dealer roulette for real money.

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    Best Sites For Real Money Gambling

    BetMGM Online Casino

    BetMGM Online Casino


    Draftkings Online Casino

    Draftkings Online Casino


    Parx Online Casino 2021

    Parx Online Casino 2021



    Tips to Pick a Good Online Casino For Your Gaming Needs

    Here are a few pointers to play Roulette online for money in Pennsylvania:

    Welcome and No-deposit Bonuses

    Most casino operators welcome their brand new customers with a bonus offer. This offer serves as an incentive to trigger their interest and keep them coming back for more. No-deposit bonuses are first-time offers, where players are handed points just for signing up.


    Any standard online casino should provide secure and safe measures in the best interest of their customers. Customers’ information and game data should be safe and protected from hackers or scammers who would see it as a leverage to exploit clients. Most casinos include their security tactics like encryption to serve as a shield from potential harm.


    A right casino is a licensed one. Endeavor to check for the license and legitimacy of a casino before going into business with them. Reputable casinos get validations from governmental authorities as evidence of legitimacy.

    Players Feedback

    Customer reviews can go a long way to help players make informed decisions. These clients already have an idea of the casino’s business dealing and practices, and as a result, are in the best position to give you much-needed knowledge.


    To win at an online casino live Roulette for five consecutive times, you can win a Jackpot. This win is worth a lot of money; hence, you should make sure that your chosen casino includes this opportunity.

    Loyalty Program

    Loyalty programs are to compile clients’ data and to build trust and loyal patronage. It creates a better brand outlook to customers and builds a dependable business to client relationship.


    Various software providers supply casino products. It would help if you looked out for sites with renowned game suppliers for the best live roulette games Pennsylvania. These software providers hand out licenses to casinos before they can feature their games as part of their products.

    Best Casinos to Play Live Roulette in PA

    Some noteworthy casinos provide exciting live roulette games, they offer PA live dealer roulette for real cash. They are:


    This casino is a licensed gambling site and one of the renowned ones in the USA. They offer multiple roulette game selection to PA, coupled with exciting promotions and bonuses. The site has a five-star rating to ensure its credibility and provides a minimum and maximum bet of $10 to $250. The welcome bonus has an initial deposit match of 100% up to $250.


    This site gives players a variety of payment options and vast language selection. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for gamers to navigate. They have regular promotions and bonuses, which are suitable for first-time customers. Welcome bonus includes a $20 no deposit bonus, and a 120% match up to $500.


    This site accepts deposits through various means of payment. This feature enables them to reach a wider audience than its competitors. It is one of the few casinos that have the loyalty program as a reward for customer loyalty. Also, they record brilliant customer reviews.

    Golden Nugget

    The site offers a deposit bonus matching at 100% and up to $1,500. There is a series of banking options for easy deposits. The site has a Golden Reward Club for gamblers to get play points that can win real money.

    These are some of the best live dealer roulette sites in PA.

    Differences Between Online Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette

    Online Roulette Live Roulette
    The wheel fits your device’s screen to have a standard view; the more prominent your device screen, the better your view. This version is suitable for first-time players because of the helpful pointers and simple play. PA live dealer roulette real money game, on the other hand, is a streamed live recording of the game as it plays in a land-based casino.
    No Social Interaction Gamers can interact with live dealers through a high-quality video camera.
     The minimum to maximum offer starts from as low as $1 to as high as $100 The live version provides up to $500 maximum bet.
    Players have had numerous complaints regarding its fairness. Gives players a guarantee of fair play

    Types of Roulette Games that Can Be Played in PA

    There are different versions of the Pennsylvania roulette live.


    This game is the ‘Double Zero Roulette.’ The double zero is an addition to the single-zero wheel to increase the house edge. The variation of the roulette game has a high house edge. Here, players place bets on a single number, and the dealer spins the wheel and the ball in opposite directions. The ball eventually enters a pocket containing one of the numbers, players with bets on that number wins.


    This style is the most-played variation of the game because of its low house edge. It is otherwise called ‘Single Zero Roulette.’ Its playstyle is similar to the American Roulette. Players can place bets on multiple numbers to increase their winning chance.


    This form is a unique variation of Roulette. This variation draws its features from American as well as European variations. It is a single zero wheel, and players can also place several bets for a high chance of winning.

    Live Dealer Roulette

    Pennsylvania live roulette gambling can be in any of the three variations. Through a live- video platform, players can meet their fellow gamblers and converse with the dealers. It comes with a live customer care service, exciting bonuses, and lots of free plays.

    Gamers get to pick any of the variations to play live Roulette in PA.

    Odds and Bets in Live Dealer Roulette

    Several online casinos are playing Roulette live for real money. Here is a list of some of the odds and the types of bets in the game:

    Straight Up

    This bet places on a single number in the wheel with an odd of 35:1. For a straight-up bet, The American has a winning odd of 2.6%, European has 2.7%, while French has 1.35%

    Reds or Blacks

    This bet plays when there is no more betting space close to the wheel. Bets can be on either of the colors or both. Here, the European house edge is 48.6%, and American is 47.3%,

    Dozen Bet

    This bet is said to be the same as the column bet. The roulette wheel has three dozen numbers excluding the zero(s); if the ball lands on either of the dozen sections, your payout is 2:1. Here, the European house edge is 32.4% while American is 31.5%

    Split Bet

    This bet type is the opposite of outside bets. It is placed within the table layout and attracts high payouts. It is a bet placed on two numbers by placing a chip on the dividing line. The house edge for European is 5.4% while American is 5.2%

    Street Bet

    If you proceed to bet on three numbers in the wheel, it is called a street bet. Like the split bet, it is an inside bet and is also called the line bet or row bet. In this bet, the European roulette edge is 8.11% while American is 7.89%

    Low or High Bet

    In Roulette, the low bet numbers are between 1 to 18, while the high bet numbers are between 13 to 36. If you bet on the low bet numbers, it is called a Low bet, and if it is a high bet number(s), it is called a High bet.

    European Roulette is 48.6% America has 47.4%

    Any of the Pennsylvania best live roulette sites should provide these standard odds.

    Winning Strategies and Tips for Live Dealer Roulette

    Here a few strategies and tips that should help increase your chances of winning live Roulette online Pennsylvania:

    The Martingale system

    Expert players use this system. This style is when gamblers double the amount of each loss so that a single win would cover all the previous losses.

    The D’Alembert system

    This strategy is similar to the Martingale system but with a twist. Here, players double the amount of each loss and reduce each win by one currency unit.

    The Fibonacci system

    This live casino roulette strategy is popular among gamblers. Here, each following number is the addition of the previous two numbers.

    The Ways You Can Play Live Roulette on Mobile Devices

    A lot of online casinos require a mobile app to use their products. These applications are made available on several platforms such as; Apple store for iOS and Google Playstore for Android. The mobile application connects to the casino’s software for a live stream and provides easy adaptability to your device’s screen interface. Endeavor to update the apps anytime it is required to have the best quality.

    Other casinos that don’t require an app allows players to connect via their online gambling sites. This type is called instant-play. You may need to switch your browser to the casino’s mobile version to see the live roulette table online.

    Live Dealer Roulette Bonuses in Pennsylvania

    These are bonus offers for the first patronage. Every new client is given a welcome bonus, mostly in the form of free points. These points are to play live Roulette online free. Other bonuses include deposit offers and no-deposit bonuses. These are the different types of live roulette bonuses:

    • Welcome bonuses
    • Deposit bonuses
    • No deposit bonuses.
    • Reload
    • Cashback
    • Free spins
    • High roller roulette

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Dealer Roulette in Pennsylvania

    Here are A few compelling reasons why you should play live Roulette in Pennsylvania


    • Players get to gamble within their homes’ corners without worrying about transportation costs or some added expenses. This advantage is the main reason for the success of this kind of gaming system.
    • One of the pros of live dealer roulettes is that you get to select any dealer of your choice, based on your preferences. It may seem unrealistic that a selection of dealers could affect your play, but one can say that a dealer who appeals to your sense of sight would motivate you more than one who doesn’t.
    • Players get to witness every move, change, or form right as it happens. They place bets on the game rounds’ possible results and have a sense of control over their games.
    • Another advantage of live Roulette is the mode of payment. In recent times, casinos have widened their payment platforms to include; cash, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, Paypal, e.t.c. The ease of payment makes transactions very easy on the site or app. Instant withdrawals, fast payouts are some of the advantages of these modes of payment.


    • Live roulette casino in Pennsylvania comes with a limited minimum and maximum betting The set limit varies in different casinos following their own rules. However, some sites have reasonably higher or lower limits than the rest. This feature is the same as during withdrawal. Players who wish to make high payouts, but are limited by a set payout limit could be disappointed.
    • Live Roulette can be time-wasting due to the limited number of tables available in mobile live RouletteUS. Hence, you will often need to wait for your turn. However, this disadvantage balances with the convenient nature of live dealer games, where you can while away the wait-time by doing something productive in the comfort of your home or wherever.
    • The variation of roulette games available in a live dealer game cannot are few compared with those available in a land-based casino. There is a significant difference in game range; live dealer roulette Pennsylvania offers less variation than traditional games. The same goes for several other game types.


    Is live dealer roulette legal in PA?
    Yes, they are. Online casinos have licenses to play live dealer games in PA by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.
    Are the odds the same as for regular online Roulette?
    There are some standard odds, as well as some flexible ones. However, the odds for American Roulette and European Roulette games are standard for all game versions. The versions are; traditional, online, or live roulettes.
    Is live dealer roulette playing in real-time?
    Yes, it is. Live Roulette is a live-action game with live interactions and exchanges. There is no pre-recorded video footage.
    Should my Internet connection be fast to play live dealer roulette?
    Yes, it should. It would be best to have a top-notch Internet connection that is both stable and fast to have an enjoyable gaming experience.
    Can I win real money playing live dealer roulette in PA?
    Yes, you can. Live dealer roulette is a real-money game. You deposit real money and win real money.
    What variations are available for live dealer roulette in Pennsylvania?
    The three variations are offered in Pennsylvania; European, American, and French roulettes.

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