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Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Nov 17, 2021

With the NHL resumption, fans of the sport in PA can learn all they need to place bets. This article is useful for online punters looking for the ideal sportsbook in Pennsylvania. Learn about the different services rendered and the types of bets available in ice hockey. It also explains factors to consider before placing your bets and how you can develop a winning strategy. Read through this impressive piece as it answers the frequently asked questions by sports lovers.

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    Best NHL Betting Sites

    Boom Fantasy Review – Best DFS Betting in Pennsylvania

    Boom Fantasy Review – Best DFS Betting in Pennsylvania

    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Pennsylvania Promo Code

    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Pennsylvania Promo Code

    Pennsylvania FantasyDraft DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    Pennsylvania FantasyDraft DFS Betting Review & Promo Code


    Top Factors to Consider When Choosing PA Betting Site

    A lot of factors need to be put into consideration when choosing a betting site in Pennsylvania. As a fan of the NHL, you would want to choose one known for quality services and exclusive odds. There are many other factors or aspects of the platform that one should put into consideration. The important factor to be considered is the security system of the platform. Most make use of industry-standard security protocols. Another aspect to consider for a smooth experience is the registration system. Some sportsbook requests for data ranging from social security numbers to residential addresses when you want to open an account. Other services include the availability of a mobile betting app, live betting options, types of bonus deals for new players. Players should also consider the payment methods for both withdrawal and deposits. Part of what you get to enjoy at some betting sites is the loyalty program for long-term serving members. These are what you consider before making your choice.

    Top Online Sports Betting Sites in PA

    The following is a list of online betting sites in PA that offer different sports games and leagues, including the NHL. Learn about their services and the bonus deals for new players and the loyalty program offered by some for seasoned customers. They are listed and explained below.


    DraftKings DFS LogoDraftkings is a licensed sportsbook that offers sports lovers in PA a wide variety of games. New customers in Pennsylvania and some other states in the country can enjoy the welcome bonus for sports punters.

    The welcome bonus for sports games is a free bet bonus. To be eligible for this promotion, you must make the first deposit of $5 or more. You receive 20% of your deposit as a free bet bonus. To maximize the benefits of the bonus offer, which is a $500 free bet, deposit $2500 or more. Note the following: the bonus can only be used for betting on the platform and it is non-refundable. When you place your bet using the bonus, only your winnings are paid into your account; the free bet money is not returned. Your bonus becomes invalid if you make a withdrawal request for your real money before using the free bet bonus. Learn more about the bonus offers in the promotions section on the online platform.

    Draftkings also offer an exclusive VIP membership service to their customers. Some of the benefits include exclusive bonus deals, personalized customer services, higher withdrawal limits, monthly tournaments.


    FanDuel sportsbook has a user-friendly website making it an ideal choice for new punters in the betting world. With some other excellent services like short payment periods, you are set to experience elite sportsbook services. New players can enjoy the lucrative welcome bonus offer.

    The welcome bonus is a $1000 free bet. When you place a bet with your first deposit within 72 hours of registration, you become eligible for this offer. The free bet is rewarded as the equivalent of the money lost on your first bet. For example, if your first bet of $200 is lost, you get $200 back as a free bet. The free bet is not awarded if you win the bet. The maximum payback value is $1000. The free bet bonus can only be used on the platform, and it is non-refundable.


    PointsBet SportsbookPointsBet offers different types of bonuses and various sports games. One noteworthy feature of the sportsbook is the fact that the bonuses are tailored to the kind of sport each player finds interesting.

    NHL fans can look forward to the special bonus. Bet a minimum of $25 on the Spread or Moneyline of eligible games in the league, and get $5 for each goal scored by your selected team. This offer is only available for some games, and they are always listed in the promotion section every game week. Only bets made with real money can be eligible for this bonus. Any withdrawal requested during the bonus period renders it void.


    Sweet deals await you at the SugarHouse Sportsbooks. With exciting bonus offers, elite services, and numerous payment options, you are sure to enjoy your stay on this platform. Customers in the US, especially in PA, can enjoy the welcome bonus offer in the most convenient way.

    Deposit at least $250 as your first transaction, and get another $250 as a free bet bonus. Use the free bet to place bets at least once before 30 has elapsed, and your winnings from the game are paid as real money. You may not request a withdrawal of your real money during this time to keep your bonus offer valid.


    Caesars does not offer any particular deal for sports lovers at the moment. But you can enjoy the Reward Credits bonus. Points are gathered based on your activities on the platform. And when you gather up to 1000 reward credits, you can convert it to $10, which will be added to your real money balance. Keep making bets to get more rewards credits.

    MGM Sportsbook

    PA MGM Online CasinoNew customers are in for a treat on this sportsbook. Make the first deposit of $10 or more and place a bet on any sports game with -200 odds or more. If you lose the bet, your money will be refunded as a free bet bonus.

    You can receive up to $500 as a free bet bonus. The free bet is rewarded in tens of 10% of your money. For example, if you lose $100, you get ten $10 free bets. They also give one of the best odds.

    Golden Nugget

    If you are in and around Pennsylvania, and you are looking for a sportsbook with quality services with smooth transactions and offers, Golden Nugget gives you all these and many more. New players can enjoy an exciting bonus offer.

    When you place your first bet on different sports games, including NHL games, and make a cumulative bet of $100, you are eligible for a free bet bonus of $100. Your bet types are restricted only to single bets and live bets; parlays bets are not accepted for this bonus offer. The free bet is awarded to customers if they should lose their first settled bet. The first settled bet is the first bet game that was played, and not necessarily the first of your many bets played. The free bet is only valid for placing bets on the website, and it is not withdrawable. The free bet bonus offer does not have a playthrough requirement of any kind.

    William Hill

    Another sportsbook that gives you top-quality services is WilliamHill. They offer several bonus deals for different sports, one of which is a welcome bonus for new players.

    When you make your first deposit within seven days after your registration, you are eligible for a free bet bonus offer. You get  $100 in free bet when you deposit between $50 to $99. Deposit between $100 to $249 and get $250 as a free bet. To get the full package of $500 free bet, deposit at least $250. The bonus offer is activated based on a request. Use the activation code, WH500, to receive the offer. The free bet does not count as real money and can only be used to play sports bet on the platform. You can also enjoy the special loyalty program that WilliamHill offers.

    Physical and Online Sportsbooks

    Physical sportsbooks have thrived in the gaming world for a long time. A lot of sports players have always been drawn to the magnificent buildings and with good reasons. You get to make your bets, you collect your winnings instantly. Security issues are not a concern here, and you can rest assured that your transactions are safe. But the stress of traveling long-distance to place your bets, and the birth of the internet gave birth to an online sportsbook. And with improved technology, many online sportsbooks have started to gain the trust of many players. With online sportsbooks, you can make bets at any time, make your withdrawals, deposit funds at the comfort of your home.

    Types of Bets in NHL


    Every hockey game has a favorite and underdog team. And Puck Line bets are a way to predict the margin or range of defeat or wins by the teams. Quite similar to run lines in baseball, puck lines have a range of +/-1.5. The favorite team is given -1.5, while the underdog is -1.5. This means that, for the favored team to win the bet, they must win the game with a score of at least two more than the opponent. The underdogs win the bet if they lose the game with just one puck margin.

    Total Bets

    Total bets are also known as over and under bets. And in a hockey game, it is a bet type that allows you to predict the total number of goals that will be scored by both teams. If a total bet type is Over 5.5, this means that the number of goals in the game will be at least six, while Under 4.5 means that the total number of goals by both teams would be at most four goals. Total bets are always in decimals for clarity.


    Moneyline bet is the simplest and most common type of bet. It is also available in NHL. The bet type is merely predicting which team would win the game. To make it enjoyable, the Moneyline comes with different odds for both teams. The favored team has a negative odd, while the underdog has a positive odd. For instance, a game between Team A (-205) and Team B (+215) shows that Team A is the favored team, and Team B is the underdog. If you bet $205 on Team A, you would earn $100, while a $100 bet on Team B will earn you $170. Option A will give a total payout of $250, while Option B provides a total payout of $270.

    Futures Bets

    These are available in ice hockey; you can bet on future outcomes in the NHL. Examples of future bets include the following. You are predicting the team that will win the NHL championship. The players with the highest score at the end of the season. Bets like this often carry great odds, especially if you make your bets at the beginning of the season. Though the odd change continually, your win is based on the odd in play when you made your bet.


    When you link two or more single bets of different NHL games together, making it a one-outcome bet, you have a Parlay. Parlays allow you to combine other bets and get a final odd that is more than the addition of the odds in the different games. The fun part of parlays is that, if you should win all your games, you receive a massive payout. And if you lose one of the bets, you lose everything. You know what they say; Fortune Favors the Bold.

    Prop Bets

    Props Bets are fun and very fast. They are bet types that focus on a specific event in the game. Like of the towards scores first? How many saves does the goaltender make? Who wins the first fowl? Props bets give you a lot of options during the game, and it is interesting, especially when you are in the In-Play section.

    Teaser Bet

    Teasers are quite similar to Parlays in that it allows you to combine numerous bets. But the difference is that teasers will enable you to adjust the odds by additional games, thereby teasing the bet.

    NHL Biggest Odds

    Get the biggest betting odds during the regular season, with top teams competing for the championship. And with the Stanley Cup Series coming up this September till October, you have a chance at enjoying the best odds and deals. Next January also presents a perfect opportunity to win big with the NHL All-Star game coming up.

    Betting Tips to Win in NHL Betting

    Knowledge is essential to develop a working strategy. Here are some tips:

    • Always check the odds: Make sure to visit your favorite sportsbook and compare the odds of the different games to help determine bets with low risk.
    • Know the teams: Bet types like props bets and total bets are more comfortable to place when you are familiar with the teams. Knowing the player’s attributes also helps.
    • Learn the patterns: Sportsbooks and game review platforms often give tips such as team news, betting tendencies at any point in the season. It is best to learn the patterns discussed.
    • Expert Opinions: Experts’ opinions also affect how many punters place their odds, and they also affect the odd in the long run. Here are a few points to note.
    • Never change your bet plan.
    • The big favorites should be avoided if possible.
    • Avoid multiple bets on a particular game.

    Latest News on the NHL Season

    The NHL was paused due to the Coronavirus pandemic back in March, but resumed on the 1st of August, with players playing in close stadiums. This season will also feature an unusual final four-game in Edmonton to settle the Championship. A lot of the events have taken place during the lockdown, while others have been rescheduled for a later date. Golden Nights, Blues, and Bruins are some other favorites for this season, while teams like Black Hawks, Sharks, Islanders are some of the underdogs.

    Conclusion on NHL Betting Tips in PA

    Online betting on NHL in PA is enjoyable with the right information, and you can make money while you watch your favorite teams. The current tendency with the season fast running to an end is to bet on the favorite. But top sports bet players are keeping brief and straightforward, betting on a few teams at a time. But it is such a great time to place your bets with lucrative odds and bonuses up for grabs. Place your bets and win big!


    Is it legal to bet on NHL online in PA?

    Yes. Pennsylvania is one of the states in the US that have licensed an online betting platform to operate within the state.

    How do I bet on the NHL playoffs in Pennsylvania?

    Go to your preferred online sportsbook and check the playoffs games in the NHL section.

    How do I bet on the NHL All-star game?

    The NHL All-star game is available for bet at the listed online sportsbook. Once the game has been set to take place, odds become available.

    How old should I be to bet on the NHL in Pennsylvania?

    You must be at least 21 years old to make online bets in PA.

    What is the best PA site to bet on the NHL?

    Several betting sites give you top quality services such as William Hill, Points Bet, Caesars, etc.

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