Best Online Gambling Sites in Pennsylvania

The thrill of casino games is now available online in Pennsylvania. As of 2017, the House green-lit the opportunity to provide online gambling websites in Pennsylvania, which includes all of the top games like slots, table games, horse racing, and several others.

Before diving into the first online casino available, there are a few things for players to consider. Although sites in PA have the ability to legally provide gambling for cash, there may also be scam sites that are posing as legitimate casinos.

Why Choosing the Right Gambling Site is Crucial

The Pennsylvania legal online gambling market is highly profitable that only rivals Nevada. The revenues that come in with online gambling, opens up the market to potential scam sites that could threaten the security of players, and the casino market in PA.

Although legal online poker is coming up, there are still offers of horse racing, bingo, and popular table games, it is very important for players to find a licensed and regulated site, so they can rest assured that their sensitive information is secure and they have the ability to win money legally.

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is among the first states to have legal authority to offer casino gambling. Any casinos that would like to launch an online gambling site must apply for licenses to offer online slots, online table games, and online poker which are carefully assessed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) to ensure the top sites receive accreditation. They are also fully regulated to give players the piece of mind knowing that the casino offers fair play for all members.

Legal Us Online Gambling Requirements

In order to legally operate an online casino and offer game players the chance to gamble for real money, all casino sites must have full gambling licensing and certifications, of which the Gaming Control Board have split into four different categories.

The categories are:

  • Category 1 applies to race track casinos
  • Category 2 applies to stand-alone casinos
  • Category 3 applies to resort casinos
  • Category 4 applies to satellite casinos

Other regulations that offer fair play to game players will involve random number generators (RNG), to prevent any possibility of fixing games in the favor of the house.

Future for Gambling in PA

While the state already allows casino gambling in truck stops, airports and online, the next step will be to offer players the chance at sports betting. At the moment, the state has authorized sports betting, however it is pending a review and change in federal law to allow it to legally be offered to gamblers in the state.

Legal Online Casinos in Pennsylvania

Online gambling is legalized in the state of Pennsylvania and regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). All valid casino sites that have a full gambling license are able to provide the top gambling games to their members, so they have a chance to win real cash. Most sites will post their license number on site, while others can provide this information to members should they request it.

Online Casino Games Available in Pennsylvania

Unlike other states that are free to offer a wide range of online casino games, that include sports betting, the online casinos in Pennsylvania are not yet legally able to provide sports betting, but still have tons of gambling options available.

Top PA Casino Games Online

  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette

Legal Online Poker in Pennsylvania

Many casino sites have licenses to online poker and casino sites in Pennsylvania, and as of July 2019, poker will be freely available online for players in PA. This is also a chance for Pennsylvania to join the states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey, in their multistate poker agreement.

Multistate Poker

Players who would like to join a poker game or tournament, used to be restricted to the state that they were in, and one that was legally able to provide poker as online gambling. With multistate poker, players within the states in the agreement are able to play with one another, and the games are governed by joint rules that all parties have agreed to.

Legal Online Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania

There are times when gamblers who normally enjoy online gaming, need to mix things up a bit for a change of pace. Instead of trying to play a new game, they often try their luck with online sportsbooks. Just as standard casino games online require a license, so do online sports betting.

Within the state of Pennsylvania, players are able to gamble and place bets on sports games in person, online, in a casino, or even via US sports betting apps.

Top Sports to Bet on for Real Money

Anyone new to the sports betting game may not know where to start. To get a better idea of what the top sports are for regular players, take a look at the following popular sports:

  • Horse Racing
  • Motorsports
  • National Football League
  • National Basketball League
  • National Hockey League
  • Major League Baseball
  • Major League Soccer

For more information and inspiration for online sports betting, players can check individual casino sites, or contact casino operators to get a breakdown of games and betting options available.

US Online Lottery in Pennsylvania

In 2018, Pennsylvania online casinos were very unhappy to find that the launch of iLottery in PA would be a big issue to PA online casinos. While players are able to play the online lottery as quickly and easily as other games online, there are many of these lottery games that are similar in nature to casino games.

The current law allows casinos to operate online with a large fee, required licensing, and a high tax rate, whereas the iLottery system does not have the high fees, and tend to offer players lower tax deductions from their winnings. This is also on top of the games that look and are named very similarly to casino games.

Daily fantasy sports in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania passed a gambling expansion law in 2017 that provided more online gambling options within the state, which included the opportunity to have sports betting and fantasy sports bets. While at the time it was not technically fully legal to have fantasy sports bets online, the Pennsylvania online sports betting in 2019 fully came into effect and the market was flooded with players wanting the excitement and convenience of sports betting online.

To make it even more quick and convenient to make a bet, new mobile sportsbook and sports betting apps have the functions, betting options and sports stats all in the palm of your hand.

Online v. Offline Gambling in Pennsylvania

A quick review of both online and offline gambling sites will show the benefits and possible disadvantages of their online gaming offers.

While offline casinos offer the thrill and excitement of a collection of games with bright lights and pleasant tunes, but there may be an inconvenience of trying to get a favored game or transportation to get to the casinos. Online casinos often have the same game options as physical casinos, but with the added convenience of accessing them at any time. The only issue that some players may have, is the lack of atmosphere that physical casinos have.

Advantages of Online Casinos

  • Pennsylvania legal online casinos
  • Most sites are easy to use and offer great support to operators who may need some assistance.
  • Legit online casinos are carefully regulated and licensed

Disadvantages of Online Casinos

  • Pennsylvania players who are looking for online gambling USA must rely on states that are legally licensed and regulated to offer a chance to gamble for real money.
  • There is a big online casino market that makes it easy for scam sites to pose as legit ones.

Payment Options to Make a Deposit and Get a Payout

Most online casino sites will offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal options for player convenience. Check out the most common banking options:

  • ACH
  • Online Banking
  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards (Amex or Diners are not always accepted)
  • Casino prepaid cards or casino credit
  • Cash from casino cages


Anyone wanting to learn more about Pennsylvania online real money gambling should take a quick look at some of the most common questions asked to casinos online.

Which sites offer the best bonuses?

Most casino sites will offer incentives for wagering, welcome bonus free spins, and special jackpots for games online. To find out exactly what each site offers, check out their games and promotions tabs for more information.

Can I gamble online legally?

The online gambling legislation that was passed in PA allowed the state to offer gamblers the chance to play for real money online. Gambling online greatly depends on the location of the player, and whether the state they are in has a law that allows online gambling within state borders.

Anyone can access online sites with online casino licenses, and most will also allow international deposits, but different countries and states will have different laws, most of which will require a minimum age and location for online gaming.

Will my winnings be taxed?

Online gambling in the Pennsylvania region will have a set tax rate for gambling winnings according to law, and that rate will vary from one state to another in accordance with their own state laws.

To get a better idea of what possible tax rates may be, here are PA taxes for online gambling:

  • Online slots tax levy is 54%.
  • Online table games tax levy is 14%.
  • Fantasy sports tax levy is 15%.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals?

Pennsylvania gambling offers players a chance to win real money. Sometimes the games require no deposit to play for fun, others will need a deposit to get a chance to win some cash.