NASCAR Online Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

Published: Nov 5, 2020 Updated: Nov 17, 2021

NASCAR dates as far back as 1948 with its headquarters at Daytona Beach, Florida, US. The state of Pennsylvania is one that received sports betting with open hands, NASCAR betting inclusive. Although major PA sports betting for mobile was launched recently in May 2019. A large percentage of NASCAR fans like to wager on the popular sport. Many people regard racing as a dying sport; I must say, it is not even close. If that mindset prevents you from placing wagers on NASCAR, you have no idea what you are missing. It would be best if you enlightened yourself about what the online NASCAR betting world holds for you to catch up on the action.

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    Areas to Look Out for When You Want to Pick an Online Nascar Betting Site

    Since you have made up your mind that you want to join in on the thrilling world of NASCAR online betting, you should be careful of the site you select. There are a handful of things you should look out for before you decide to hop on any particular site for Pennsylvania NASCAR betting. The crucial ones are:

    • Options to bet: For the sake of the fun and the profits, of course, you should lookout for a betting site that will offer you lots of betting options other than betting on the winning driver; there are lots of options that would give you more thrills and more odds at the same time. There should be head to head, futures, props bets, just a few to mention, for more wins on your path.
    • Bonuses: The website should offer a considerable number of bonuses. For example, a welcome bonus would help you put the website to the test before putting in a fortune. However, it would be in your best interest that you make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before committing yourself to any offer. Sometimes, websites tend to give bonuses to lure clients, but the terms would be very demanding on your path.
    • Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs differ from bonuses, so don’t confuse the two. Loyalty programs deal more with discount offers. You should check out if they offer promos and discounts on some wagers; it will save you some bucks for some extra wagering.
    • Security: A large percentage of punters tend to ignore the security factor of online betting websites. It matters a lot for the safety of your money in the online gambling world generally. There are many scams in the industry today, cases where a site suddenly closes down with the money of punters; you don’t want to be a victim. You should make sure the website is licensed and regulated.
    • Banking Methods: The website should have a diverse option talking about payment gateways. You should check out their deposit and withdrawal options for the one that would be easier for you. Technology has advanced so much that some websites accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies.
    • Reputation: Most bettors ignore the fact that they have to check the reputation that the website holds. It is just as important as the security of such a website. Look out for how long the website has been around, present client ratings. That alone can be the significant factor for you to drop a website you are considering. Bad reviews!
    • Customer Services: Poor customer service is a big turn-off. Who would you then turn to when you have technical difficulties. Even if it’s not 24/7 support, the website has to have a way to reach out to them. Live chats are becoming more prominent on websites, where you can engage directly; however, be it old-school mailing methods or calls, and they should be readily available for you.
    • Platforms offered: Probably, you don’t like the method of manually opening a browser and logging in; maybe you find it strenuous. You should then look out if the website offers an app for iOS and Android that functions as well as the site.

    Best Sites That Offer Online Nascar Betting in Pennsylvania

    If you don’t mind, we recommend some of the Pennsylvania real money betting sites you can place your NASCAR betting on. It will help to save you the stress of having to do intensive research on sites. Here is a list of some top NASCAR online betting sites alongside some of their bonuses and offers:


    DraftKings DFS LogoDraftkings is a company that has been around for a while now, since the year 2012. The headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts, US. The company, in recent years, is fast growing. Pennsylvania is just one among the ten states that the company makes its online betting available. Unto the payment methods, the company has got it all, down from the most preferred credits and debits cards to PayPal. Concerning the bonuses they offer, they offer a few enticing bonuses to punters. The sign-up bonus is a massive up to $1000 offer.

    • First-time users get a match first bet: When you register and place a bet for the first time, the sportsbook gives you extra cash in your free bets. Before you get too excited, the maximum offer you can get is $500. The bonus involves giving you up to 100% worth of your first wager. So if your first bet is worth $100, you should be expecting an additional $100 in your free bets. Don’t forget that it cannot exceed $500.
    • First Deposit Bonus: This deposit bonus gives you 20% extra on your deposit. It is straightforward for you to comprehend. All you have to know is that the maximum bonus you can get is $500. Therefore, if you do the math, you’d know that you need to deposit a sum of $2500 to get the maximum $500 cap.


    FanDuel has also had its fair share of time in the industry. Starting from the year 2009, the company began with its headquarters in New York City, United States. It is one for sure considering NASCAR online sports betting. You need not worry about the banking method as the company even has a unique exclusive payment method called FanDuel prepaid card. You can request it, and it will be mailed to your address. Apart from that, you also have common credit and debit cards with other popular gateways.

    If you want to use the website for your NASCAR betting, they offer a 100% deposit bonus for new users, meaning you deposit $100, you get an additional $100 in free bets. The bonus is easy to claim as many terms and conditions do not tie it down. They also have some incredibly high daily odds. High odds do not make your wins sure. Please don’t get it mixed up.


    PointsBet SportsbookPointsbet is relatively new to the gambling world. They have just been around since January 2019. Don’t despise their time in the gambling world, though; they are moving with lightning speed. Quick payouts and also different payment gateways are available for your deposits and withdrawals. They are becoming a threat to even those industries that have been in the industry for a longer time.

    The bonuses offered by this sportsbook are equally top-notch. They are one among many industries that offer referral bonuses. When you refer a friend and such person deposits at least $50, you both get an extra $50 each. This offer is just one of a kind.


    SugarHouse is a company that already had a reputable standing in the gambling industry due to its casino dealings. You should now be aware that they also offer sports betting, NASCAR inclusive. They also offer their services on a multiplatform level with a mobile app that is easy to navigate. Their payment gateways are top-notch, which would give you no technical issues. They also offer a $250 deposit bonus if you are registering for the first time, and of course, it has its terms and conditions. Not to forget, they have one of the best PA online sports betting sites.


    The Company has been around for up to a century. They also have a notable presence in the casino world. You should also be aware that they carry this reputation into the online sports industry. The services you will get will be nothing short of what you know of their casino services. The payment methods are very favorable, and they are also noted for their Caesars Prepaid cards for their payments. However, their $300 worth of deposit bonus is limited by time, which is seven days. You can still make the most of it.


    PA MGM Online CasinoIf you are a regular bettor, their name would never be alien to you. They have a name in the casino world already. Their online sports betting quality is no different. They give access to numerous sports, including the infamous NASCAR. They make themselves available on different platforms, and I must say, they have one of the best PA sports betting app. They also offer a 100% deposit bonus for new customers worth up to $500.

    Golden Nugget

    As catchy as the name sounds, their services equally deliver what their loyal customers want. Their physical presence in Las Vegas is undeniable, added with various payment methods to pick from. They have made their name in the industry already. They also give new clients up to $100 of risk-free bet on your first wager. You also get a refund of the risk-free bonus if you lose your first wager.

    William Hill

    Just the name alone speaks for this company. They have been around for so long, even since the days when betting was considered illegal. The company was founded in 1934. Although they had management issues, they are still around today, better and stronger. The company has a tremendous amount of payment methods, arguably the most extensive varieties in the industry. This shouldn’t come to you as a surprise as they have been around for so long to carry it all on their shoulders. There are complaints about the bonuses they offer, not being much. It would be best if you did not blame them; their name alone is enough to get customers trooping in.

    Advantages of Online Sportsbook

    Online betting in Pennsylvania is getting the more popular year in year out; here are a few reasons.

    • 24/7 Online Service: Unlike physical betting that is restricted by closing time, you have the luxury of having access to the online services of Pennsylvania mobile sports betting anytime.
    • Live betting: You can make live stakes. In case your wager is not going as expected, you can make new live bets to favor the run of play.


    • Lack of gambling discipline: You have access to your phone, 24/7, what else is stopping you from placing more wagers. That’s one big issue.
    • Restriction on your account: You have to be careful of how you deal with the online servers; your account could easily get blocked.

    Advantages of Physical Sportsbook

    • Full Control: You are in full control of your bets. There is no online server serving as a bridge; you have confidence.
    • Quick Payouts: Your payouts in physical sites are instant—no need to wait for some verification and verification that takes weeks.


    • No live bets: This situation is best described as you can’t get out once you are in. The betting system is fully rigid.
    • Time restriction: You don’t have the luxury of getting 24/7 access to the gambling world. The centers have to close at some point.

    Bet Varieties in NASCAR

    Below listed are some vital bet types you should be aware of when betting on NASCAR online

    • Ace Winner: The ace winner is the most popular betting option in online NASCAR. It is placing a bet on who you predict the race winner will be.
    • Prop bets: Proposition bets are a bet that is of many varieties and not necessarily related to the race winner. You can bet on events not directly related to the race.
    • Futures: As the name implies, you bet on future events not determined by one race. For example, you are betting on the championship winner ahead of the finals.
    • Head to Head Championships: Head to head is betting on one particular driver over another. Irrespective of the race winner, you are only concerned about one finishing with more points than another.
    • Group Matchups: It is based on making combinations. For example, you are betting on futures and head to head. You pick a driver that will finish ahead of another group of drivers.
    • Top Place Finishes: It involves betting that a driver will finish in the top three spots. Not necessarily the first.

    Biggest NASCAR Betting Events

    NASCAR Indeed, it is expected in the sporting world that some events see an increase in wagering. The phenomenon occurs because fans see some events as superior to others. You surely don’t expect a regular match to be compared to a cup series. It also occurs because championships have more of the fan favorites. Some of the events in which NASCAR sports betting is the biggest are:

    • NASCAR Cup series
    • All-Star races
    • The Xfinity Toyota 200 at Darlington
    • Gander outdoors truck races

    NASCAR Betting Tips

    Here are some tips that will double your chances of winning NASCAR wager in legal sports betting in Pennsylvania.

    • Watch Races more often: Many people are found in the habit of wagering on races with very little or no knowledge of the drivers or race itself. You should know the driver you are betting on more than enough. It undoubtedly boosts your chances.
    • Remember that betting is probabilities: Some punters tend to beat themselves up over losses. Betting is not a 100% sure deal. You would surely face losses, don’t beat yourself up about it.
    • Eliminate Randomness: Don’t just keep betting on every available race; for every race you add, you reduce your chances of winning.
    • It would be best if you kept a record: You might deem it to be old school but keeping records about what you observe in races you watch would increase your chances of winning. You would know what to do in future races.
    • Specialize: Try not to go into every division and race, specialize in a division or championship or cup, tracks, cars. It boosts your chances of success.

    Recent News on NASCAR Betting in the State of Pennsylvania

    Earlier in the year 2020, the coronavirus struck and had a massive impact on the sports world. The NASCAR world was reluctant to suspend races. They later implemented that races will be made without the presence of fans. However, as cases heightened, they were pushed to the wall and had to suspend a couple of races. Sportsbook found it difficult as no betting activities were taking place. Some had to make refunds.

    The races have resumed now, with some safety measures in place as things are beginning to ease up. The NASCAR betting world received a surge in stakes and wagers upon resumption of races. No issues faced so far. Some exciting events have taken place, and fans are passionately following the GRANDEV RV & outdoors truck series. A lot of eyes on Ryan Newman as he has been performing outstandingly. Dale Jarett and Jimmie Johnson too are not far behind.

    Races similar to NASCAR that fans can wager on

    There are a couple of races that are similar to NASCAR in terms of rules and general play. Fans of NASCAR can also look at some of these similar races:

    • Formula One
    • Touring car racing
    • Stock car racing
    • Drag Racing
    • Off-road racing
    • Rallying
    • Auto racing


    NASCAR overall was seen to be a dying sport. However, those who say so have been wrong. The racing sport continues to break new ground. If you have been a fan of NASCAR for a while and have not gotten yourself into the online NASCAR betting world, you have no idea what you are missing. The racing sport still has a lot in store and doesn’t look like it is going out anytime soon. NASCAR is here to stay.


    Is it legal to bet on NASCAR online in Pennsylvania?

    Yes, Online NASCAR sports betting in Pennsylvania is legal. The state has no dispute with online sports betting.

    Where can I check NASCAR odds?

    A lot of tools are available online at your disposal. A notable example is

    What are NASCAR playoffs?

    NASCAR playoff is a playoff that is used in the three national series.

    Can I place a bet on multiple drivers?

    Unfortunately, you can only bet on one driver to win the race. You could look into other betting types for more options.

    What does NASCAR stand for?

    The full meaning of NASCAR is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

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