Live Dealer Monopoly Guide In Pennsylvania

Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The US market has seen a significant rise in the popularity of the online gambling sector. One of the primary reasons behind this fame is the convenience of playing. As anyone can play these casino games from their home’s comfort, more and more people have started preferring them over land-based casinos. This high demand not only bought a new variety of casino games but also added board games like monopoly onto the online platforms.

Everyone, whether young or old, has played the monopoly board game once in their lifetime. That is why the live dealer monopoly caught everyone’s attention as soon as it came into existence. But you need to understand all details about this two-part game to enjoy it and win real money from it. To help you out, we have brought this monopoly guide in PA. So let’s dig into it and see how you can benefit from the game.

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    Playing Monopoly For Real Money in Pennsylvania

    Online gambling isn’t yet straightforward in the US. Some states have made it legal in recent years, while others don’t have plans to do that anytime soon. Therefore, you need to check whether playing the game is legal in your state or not. Then only you can move forward.

    Gambling on online platforms became legal in Pennsylvania in 2017. This included online casinos, sportsbooks, lottery, and fantasy sports. Since then, the online gambling market has only grown in the state. However, you can’t participate in this activity if:

    • You are younger than 21
    • You aren’t physically located in Pennsylvania
    • You are elected to self-exclude
    • You are a land-based licensee’s employee
    • You work for the online website/platform

    Currently, Pennsylvania is one of the biggest online gambling markets in the entire US.

    How to Pick the Best Live Monopoly Casinos in PA

    A major issue that came up with the increasing popularity of online casinos and monopoly games is the rise in platforms that host the game. On the one hand, this factor is advantageous because you get a chance to choose your favorite website. But on the other, it can also become confusing to pick one site out of all. In case you are stuck in the same situation, you can check out the following factors in 2022’s top real money online monopoly casinos. These will guide you to the best website for live dealer monopoly.

    Welcome and No-Deposit Bonuses

    As there is massive competition between the online casinos, each of them tries to attract players to their platforms. The first way of doing that is with welcome and no-deposit bonuses. These benefits are given to the players as they sign-up on the website. The perks include free money in the casino account and free game trials. To sort out the list of sites, you should only look for the best offer. For example, 888 Casino provides up to $520 to its new players.

    However, you should never forget to read the associated terms and conditions. Sometimes sites offer great deals, but don’t let you avail them easily. So it is crucial to read the rules carefully before signing up.


    You need 360-degree safety on online casinos because:

    • You provide personal details to the site
    • You do real money transactions
    • You play real money games

    So you can secure your data and a game fair by ensuring that the site practices the best safety measures. Most of the reliable online casinos like SugarHouse use 120-bit SSL encryption to protect their players’ information. You can compare your selected websites with them.


    As mentioned earlier, online gambling isn’t yet legalized in the entire US. That is why unregulated platforms are still running on a large scale. But you need not fall for these sites/apps because Pennsylvania has regulated plenty of good online casinos for its citizens. You get complete security, and your money remains safe with these sites. Therefore, you need to check the website’s license before signing up.

    Players Feedback

    If you aren’t able to come to a decision, this factor can help you out. By reading their existing or old customers’ reviews, you can quickly draw a difference in what the site claims to be and what it actually is. This will help you in selecting the most reliable and beneficial platform for playing online live dealer monopoly.


    Jackpots are the most significant amounts that can be won on a particular online casino. The simple rule is, the more the sum, the better the platform. However, you need to check the site’s reliability in providing the offered amount. Where you can trust websites like Unibet and 888 Casino, others back out at the time of giving the winnings. Licensing also plays a crucial role here. So you must examine both the jackpot amounts and the site’s authenticity.

    Loyalty Program

    Like attracting new players, online casinos also want to keep their old players with them for the longest time. That is why they provide additional benefits to them in the form of loyalty programs. People who play regularly on these sites can avail themselves of some exciting bonuses and promotions. This increases their winnings, and they can enjoy more. You should always pick a monopoly casino where there are better loyalty programs.


    In general, live casino games have complicated management as compared to regular ones. It happens due to the live feature and addition of a real dealer instead of an algorithm. Therefore, you must opt only for an online casino whose live dealer monopoly is backed by a reliable software developer. In case you pick some random monopoly game, your entire experience of playing will get ruined.

    Apart from this, you can check the website’s ease of use, variety of other games, mobile app availability, and other factors that you want.

    Understanding Basic Rules of Live Monopoly in Pennsylvania

    You first need to recognize that live dealer monopoly is different from the board game you may have played as a child. Plus, it is also distinct from the usual online monopoly game. Where the online version works entirely on an algorithm, you get a live dealer right on your screen in the Pennsylvania live monopoly.

    The difference between these two game versions accounts for the aspects you need to take care of while playing the live dealer monopoly. Some of them are:


    In the live dealer version, you need to communicate with the dealer. For that, you will have to maintain both video and audio quality. Your internet connection should be stable as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play correctly.


    The software you opt for playing the game should be user-friendly. If you don’t consider this aspect while playing, you will end up getting confused at the time of placing bets, and great winning chances will get out of your hand.


    Just like the usual dream catcher games, live dealer monopoly has variations as well. You can explore them on different platforms, or sometimes on the same platform. The types of bets may change according to the game.


    The Pennsylvania monopoly betting odds of winning change as you edit the wagering number. Smaller numbers have better odds because they have more segments on the wheel. On the flip side, more significant numbers have fewer parts, so their odds are lower. There is a total of four numbers:

    • 1 -> 22 Segments
    • 2 -> 15 Segments
    • 5 -> 7 Segments
    • 10 -> 4 Segments

    The remaining odds also depend on the number of parts each type holds on the wheel.

    Types of Bets

    There are typically three types of bets in live monopoly in PA:

    • Number Bets: Here, you have to wager on one of the four numbers.
    • Chance Bets: There is one chance segment that you can bet on.
    • Rolls: Apart from these two, you can also wager on the 2 and 4 roll segments.


    Payouts are dependent on the type of bet you make. For number bets, you get the X on one payout where X is the wagering number. Like the number two provides you with two on one payout. Chance bets offer payouts of multipliers, while the rolls bets lead you to the bonus game where you can win up to 500x.

    Bonus Game

    This is the most exciting factor of live dealer monopoly. So if you wager on rolls and win, you are led to a bonus game. It is a 3D version of the actual monopoly board game. Though the features are quite different, you can still get a chance to win around a 500x multiplier bonus.

    How to Play Monopoly Live in PA? Tips and Tricks

    Live dealer monopoly provides you with ample opportunities to win massive amounts. Now, most people will say that spinning the wheel is a luck-based game, and you can’t do much about it. However, that isn’t entirely true. You can follow these simple rules to make the most out of your game:

    • Experts recommend wagering on the 2 and 4 rolls as they can get you into the bonus round. But you won’t be getting any payout here if you don’t get to the board game. So it is better to add chance, 10, and 5 into your strategy to make the most out of spins.
    • Whether it is about gambling in live monopoly or anywhere else, you should never chase the losses. It can lead you to bigger troubles.
    • Even if you are winning continuously, you should never wager more than the predetermined bankroll.
    • Bonuses can get you significant benefits, but always wagering on them won’t be a smart choice. You should consider other options as well.
    • Though you can change strategies or continue with the same as per your choice, there is no rule for the same.
    • The older data can be used to determine the flow of results. However, there is no guarantee that what you predicted will happen.

    Playing Live Monopoly on Your Mobile in Pennsylvania

    Apart from the usual desktop site, you can opt for mobile gambling. For this, you have two options:

    • Pennsylvania monopoly casinos’ mobile websites
    • Pennsylvania live monopoly mobile applications

    You can pick one of them as per your will and the software provider’s availability.

    A few factors you have to consider while playing on mobile are:

    • Interface: The mobile web browser or application should be friendly in the interface. You can judge it by the time it requires to understand. If you need a lot of time to just get to the betting page, it may not be a great platform for you.
    • Software: You must have used some of the apps that just don’t work right. It happens because of a naive software provider. You should only choose apps developed by renowned developers.
    • Platform: Some of the online casinos have only Android applications or just iOS ones. So you need to ensure that the app is available for your required platform.
    • Internet Connection: Apart from the app’s features, your phone’s internet connection should be stable and fast. The live streaming of the monopoly game will require a significant amount of internet data. Be prepared for the same.

    Bonuses You Can Find in Pennsylvania Live Monopoly

    It depends on the online casino for types and amounts of benefit that you can claim. However, there are some common bonuses that all of them provide.


    To make their new players feel special, online casinos use this bonus. Once you sign-up on their website, they will offer you some benefits. You can use these bonuses to practice the games or earn something from them. Usually, platforms have a limit on the maximum amount that can be won using these free bonuses and promotions.


    Online casinos provide additional benefits for making deposits on their websites. Majorly this advantage is kept for the first deposit, but you can get some matches and bonuses on later payments as well. You should always look for these promotions before making any deposits.

    No Deposit

    These are the exact opposite of deposit bonuses. For these, you need not make any payments to the website. You can claim the no-deposit bonuses by completing simple tasks like signing up or playing a specific game.


    These are a combination of the loyalty bonus and deposit bonus. Reload can only be claimed if you have already made a payment to the website in the past. A certain percentage of your deposited amount is reloaded into your account. Therefore, you get more money to play your favorite monopoly games.


    Cashbacks are the most simple bonuses that can be found even outside of the gambling world. Under this, you get a specific amount based on your losses on the website. That is why it is a great way to cope with the lost money as you can get it back.

    Other Offers

    There can be several other offers like free gameplays or an X% refund on the first gameplay. Irrespective of your time spent on the platform, you should always keep an eye on these promotional benefits.

    Pros and Cons of Playing Pennsylvania Monopoly Online For Real Money

    As per all the information on live dealer monopoly, we can say that it has the following benefits and drawbacks.


    • More real-like experience with a talking host
    • Better opportunities to win big
    • A bonus game to have fun and increase the winning amount
    • Variety of bet sizes
    • Great features considering the classic board game


    • The bonus bets don’t pay anything if lost
    • RTP is low

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is live dealer monopoly legal in PA?

    Yes, almost all types of online casino games are legal in Pennsylvania under the rule passed in the year 2017.

    What is the best bet on live monopoly?

    The bonus bets and multiplier bets are the best in live monopoly because they offer a chance to win great amounts. However, their winning odds are low. So you should wager accordingly.

    Is a live monopoly a casino game?

    Yes, live monopoly is a casino game where you start with a chance-based spinning wheel. If you make it through that, only then you get an opportunity to play the classic monopoly with some interesting features.

    What are live monopoly odds?

    The odds of winning depend on your wagering chip in live monopoly. When you see the wheel, you can calculate that the more the specific chip's segments, the better its odds.

    Can I play live monopoly for free in Pennsylvania?

    No, live monopoly isn't available for free in Pennsylvania. The reason for this is the maintenance cost of the game. As it requires extra efforts and money, casinos can't offer it for free.

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