Want to Play Live Dealer Poker in Pennsylvania? Go Through This Guide to Know All

The gambling industry is continuously flourishing and paving the way for players to have a unique gaming experience. Over the years, there have been plenty of changes in the gambling world, and the popularity of different games has varied, but one thing that has stayed the same forever is poker games.

The best casinos in the country have been facilitating real money gambling through these games. The poker game has managed to sustain its popularity and credibility in the industry from the brick and mortar rooms to the live poker online USA.

Many US states have legalized the online casinos that offer poker games, and the state of Pennsylvania is among them. Pennsylvania poker online for real money has been made interesting and exciting with the best casinos’ help. The players have learned how to play poker live in PA. The rules of live poker in Pennsylvania are quite different from traditional games. It gives PA players the live experience of playing in a land-based casino with a live dealer. Every live poker in PA comprises a live dealer that will guide you through the game just like it happens in a brick-and-mortar casino. Pennsylvania is brimmed with casino enthusiasts and this casino game simply enhances the madness for online casinos.

Poker casinos in Pennsylvania are providing live games, and they are live and kicking. In this Pennsylvania poker guide, you will get to learn more about PA live poker and why it is the best option for you to take your gambling experience to the next level.

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    Pennsylvania Poker Online For Real Money: An Overview

    It is the most interesting version of gambling, and it gives the online poker experience a new meaning. With the legalization in November 2019, Pennsylvania became the 4th US state to offer live poker games along with New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. Many top-rated casinos in Pennsylvania currently possess the license to allow players to play live poker in PA. PokerStars PA is the first PA site launched in 2019.

    Currently, the status of PA live poker is intrastate, which means PA players can compete against each other within the state’s territory. The jurisdiction is gradually trying to make amendments in the game and make the poker casinos in Pennsylvania more efficient and competent.

    How to Choose the Best Pennsylvania Live Poker Site?

    There is an abundance of PA live poker sites that can fulfill your requirements. But, it is essential to filter out the options and find the best that adheres to your demand. Here are a few factors that you need to take into considerations:

    • Welcome and No Deposit Bonus: There is no brainer in saying that bonuses and promotions are the major highlights of any platform. Casino sites that offer live poker games must have a wide range of offers for PA players. For instance, top-rated PA live poker sites like PokerStars PA, SugarHouse, Golden Nugget, etc., offer whopping welcome bonuses to their players. So make sure that your site has all of them.
    • Safety and Licensing: You cannot compromise on your safety when you are playing poker for real money in Pennsylvania. When it comes to safety, the site must have SSL encrypted security and license under the jurisdiction. The best live poker casinos in PA are licensed and regulated by the gaming authority that makes them safe to play. Safety must be covered in handling personal information and payment data. Make sure you do not end up with a shady or offshore casino site in PA.
    • Players’ Feedback: There’s no better proof of credibility than word of mouth. Before you trust any platform, it is essential to check the reviews and understand what other players have to say about it. Site reviews are the unbiased and most authentic source of information regarding the casino platform. You will get to know how the platform is handling its customers and what special it has been offering to the players.
    • Jackpots: Jackpots are a prominent part of live games. Irrespective of the platforms, playing poker for real money in Pennsylvania will provide you with immersive jackpot opportunities. All you need to do is find the best live poker casinos in PA. Jackpots are the largest possible prize that is big enough to cover all the rewards and bonuses. That’s the reason everyone wants to hit jackpots in their gameplay. It is essential to ensure that the concerned site is offering a jackpot for you.
    • Loyalty Program: It is important to treat the consistent players differently and make them feel special. Platforms that offer loyalty programs for their regular players are always among the list of favorite sites. These programs focus on rewarding the players who have been loyal to the site since they have started playing. Sometimes the loyalty program is a cash reward or bonus point that adds up to your score. Either way, a site must have a loyalty program.
    • Software: Next important criterion for selecting a site is to check its software. It would help if you ascertained which software the site is developed, which will determine its credibility and long functionality. For instance, PokerStars PA was developed by its dedicated software PokerStars that makes it a favored choice among plenty of other platforms. A majority of all the best live poker casinos in PA are developed by world-class software developers, making them even more efficient.

    Rules of Live Poker in PA

    To increase the chances of your victory, it is important to understand the Pennsylvania poker rules and strategy. In live dealer games, all the players need to place an ante bet to deal with the cards. After the flops (three initial community cards), the turn and river will follow (other cards). Once you have dealt with the cards, you will have the option to either bet or check. The primary aim of any game variant is to get a better hand than the dealer. Your combination of cards will be laid on the table to decide the best hand.

    Variants of Live Poker in PA

    • Live Caribbean Stud Poker: Imbibing the traditional poker features and adding a little twist, the Caribbean Stud Poker is all about beating the dealer and not all the players.
    • Live Texas Hold ’em Poker: This poker variant’s basic aim is to make the best five-card hand with the combination of five community cards and two-hole cards. The dealer and the player will place ante bet, and there are three bet chances prior to the showdown.
    • Live Pai Gow Poker: The American version of the Domino game, which is often called the Chinese Poker, is a slow-paced poker where you have more opportunities to bet and less volatility.
    • Live Casino Hold ’em: It is the fastest variant of live poker where you need to compete against the dealer and create the best five-card hand.

    Live Poker Tournaments in PA You Must Know

    Pennsylvania poker online for real money is not only about getting to know about the sites and how it works; you need to be aware of the potential tournaments that are played in the state of Pennsylvania. Some highly favored tournaments include the Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker, PokerStars PA Winter Series, PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series, and so on. Make sure the PA sites provide these tournaments.

    Live Dealer Poker Tips That Will Steer You Towards Victory

    Keep these tips handy if you want to increase the probabilities of your winning.

    1. Answer The Limpers Strictly – Limping is considered a weak and inadvisable strategy that restricts one from winning the pot but gives the opponent an opportunity. You should react to the limpers, and there are two ways to do so: play looser or make your raising range tighter.
    2. Stay Aggressive To Keep Up Your Position – Playing lazy and dormant in a game would not do any better for you. It is important to remain active and vigilant throughout the game.
    3. Eye on the Softer Table – You must focus on staying on the table rather than playing big and coming down. Make your position stable by playing soft tables.
    4. Understand Dealer’s Language – When you are playing, you need to understand what the dealer is reciprocating in order to create your own strategy.
    5. Call a Pair or Higher – When you are calling a hand, it is best advised to call a pair or higher to remain on the safer side.

    How Live Poker in PA on Mobile?

    There are plenty of ways for playing live poker on mobile.

    • Interface: You can use a certain site’s mobile interface to exercise your skills and win real money.
    • Platforms: All the PA live poker mobile apps are made for Android and iOS platforms so that you can use them on either of the operating systems. You can play on laptops, tablets, desktops, and smartphones.
    • Software: You can download the software of a particular site and play it on the go. The software can be downloaded on PCs and smartphones.
    • Browser: Games can be played via a browser as well. Irrespective of the type of game you intend to play, there will be a browser version that you can play anytime.

    Types of PA Live Poker Bonuses

    • Welcome Bonus: PA players can avail themselves of this type of bonus when they sign up for a site. Generally, all the sites have welcome bonuses for all the new entrants. You can avail yourself up to a 100% welcome bonus on your sign-up. These bonuses help in kickstarting your poker journey.
    • Deposit Bonus: These are the most popular bonuses on the PA online live sites. To avail of this bonus, you need to make a certain deposit. For instance, some sites offer a 100% match bonus on the deposit, and in order to release the bonus, you need to play.
    • No-Deposit Bonus: Just like the name suggests, you don’t have to make any deposit in order to avail of this bonus. These bonuses are available in tournaments tickets or a cash bonus. Either way, the no-deposit bonus is highly rewarding.
    • Reload Bonus: This bonus is available for existing or consistent players. It is released when players reload their accounts. When players add money to increase their bankroll, a reload bonus is provided to them.
    • Cashback Bonus: Particularly rewarding with cash only, this type of bonus is available at the deposit time. When you deposit money, you get a certain cashback. That’s what is called a cashback bonus.
    • On-Off Promotional Bonus: These bonuses are available in different sizes and shapes. It can be a jackpot bonus, a certain number of hands over a period of time. These bonuses can be anything that makes them even more special.

    What Is the Difference Between Video Poker and Live Dealer Poker?

    By the name itself, you can see the difference between both the poker game variants. While live dealer poker involves the presence of a dealer that guides throughout the game, video poker is simply slot machines that work on their own. It uses RNG technology to create game variants. Video poker games are highly predictable, it is machine games, and you can probably guess the algorithm at some point. Live poker helps in creating the best atmosphere for the players to get an enriching experience. You can also chat with the dealer through video and text chat. The advantages of video poker majorly include the ease of playing, variations of games, no particular knowledge needed, and being played for fun.

    Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Poker

    When you decide to play live dealer poker, it is imperative to know about its pros and cons.


    • Enhanced Gaming Experience: The best part of online live dealer poker is certainly its enriching gaming experience. You can experience land-based poker on your device. They take the online poker experience to a greater level.
    • Wide Range of Offers: Apart from experience, you can also relish different types of bonuses and promotions as well that you cannot find in a land-based casino.
    • Live Dealer: Generally, online games involve random number generators and other machines that help in the gameplay. Live poker games, on the other hand, include a dealer that will help you out. The dealer enhances the gameplay with his/her presence. You can also chat with the dealer.
    • Much Convenient: Compared to the regular games, live poker games are much easier, whether it is to bluff or exit the game. You can make a decision according to your preference and make sure that everything is the place.


    • Number of Players: Often, the number of players in a live dealer poker room is smaller than the regular online games. It happens due to the restricted chat window.
    • High-Quality Internet: For playing live poker on your mobile, you need to have a strong internet connection that can support the graphics and the chat feature. The speed should be above 256 kbps.
    • Updated Software: You need to keep updating the software at regular intervals. Without updating the software, you would not be able to relish the platform’s latest features and specifications.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is live dealer poker legal in PA?
    Yes, since November 2019, live dealer poker is legal in the state of Pennsylvania. PokerStars PA was the first live dealer site to be launched after the legalization.
    Can I play live poker for free in PA?
    Yes, with free bonuses from the site, you can play live poker for free. For instance, the PokerStars PA offers a free $30 bonus with a deposit of $20.
    What is a return to the player and how to check it?
    It is basically the percentage measure of your stakes in a particular game that will return to you, or you can call it the odds of winning. If a game has an RTP of 90% and above, it is a highly rewarding game, as it will return 90% of your stakes.
    How do you play live dealer Hold 'em in PA?
    In live casino hold 'em, you just need to go past the dealer's hand in order to win. Multiple players will place their bet in each round, but the ultimate aim is to beat the dealer's hand by availing a five-card hand.
    Are live poker games rigged?
    If you play on legit sites, live games will never be rigged. It is important to filter the legit sites from the lot to make the most of the opportunity.

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