Live Dealer Blackjack For Real Money Gambling In Pennsylvania

Live blackjack is a classic table game. It is one of the most-played games in Pennsylvania to win real money and can be found in сasinos everywhere in the PA. Blackjack is a card game said to originate from France in the 18th century and was formerly called ‘Twenty-one.’ The game comes in exciting variations. As a result of technological advancements in the gambling industry to include online casinos, the live dealer version of blackjacks began in 2006.

Its adaptation provides a much-needed solution to the complaints of cheating in online casinos. For lots of gamblers, seeing is believing; hence, this led to creating a platform where they feel more in control of their game. Gamblers get to watch and converse with real-life dealers as they play a traditional blackjack game via webcam or any video stream platform to win real cash. Players get to place bets on the fair and possible outcomes of the game.

This write-up provides all the details you need as a Pennsylvania live dealer blackjack guide. These details include;  how to pick an excellent online casino, rules and playing requirements, the different versions of live dealer blackjacks, available odds, compatibility with mobile gadgets, casino bonuses, and promotions. In addition to its advantages & disadvantages.

This information would equip gamers with forehand knowledge to play successful real cash casino games.

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    Best Sites For Real Money Gambling

    Sugarhouse Casino – Best Bonus Offers

    Sugarhouse Casino – Best Bonus Offers


    MyChoice Casino Pennsylvania

    MyChoice Casino Pennsylvania

    $10 mycash and 5M credits

    FanDuel Online Casino

    FanDuel Online Casino



    How to Pick a Good Online Casino to Play Live Dealer Blackjacks

    Before you decide on the right casino to play live dealer blackjack in Pennsylvania, here is a live blackjack online guide. These features are specific to each casino, so they vary; you should make sure that your chosen casino fulfills all the standard service requirements.

    Welcome and No-deposit Bonuses

    Most casinos offer no deposit bonuses, such as first-time bonuses or welcome bonuses. You can use this bonus to play for free, and it could give you a better understanding of the game before placing real money bets. It would be best if you endeavored to check as many sites as possible to compare prices before deciding which casino to use. Casinos that offer live blackjack bonus coupled with low minimum deposits are most exciting to gamblers.


    For secure gaming, you want to ensure that you’re dealing with a casino that provides security measures to prevent leaked information and exploitation. It would help if you looked out for; licensing, operator, gaming software providers, and transactional transparency. All these factors help to guarantee the safety and security of the casino.


    Licensed casinos are your safest choice. It would help if you read up on the legitimacy of the casino you want to go into business with; this helps secure your funds and minimize fraud risks. A licensed internet casino is the best place to play live blackjack.

    Players Feedback

    Players’ feedback is otherwise called Customer Review. This strategy helps you understand the site practices and weigh your options before picking an online casino carefully. There are selected sites that review casinos in much detail. These sites also make recommendations and suggestions to gamers.


    This version is a new type of Blackjack. It is an exciting play and is fast becoming one of the top-played variations of the game. Casinos that offer Jackpot Blackjacks have the edge over those that don’t; they make a better choice for gamblers.

    Loyalty Program

    A loyalty program allows players to return the money that they placed as a reward for their customer loyalty and subsequent patronage. This program is a marketing strategy to attract customers, and it works by accumulating loyalty points from playing different games. These points are to access free credits, deposit bonuses, etc.


    Ensure that your chosen casino offers live dealer blackjack games supplied by renowned developers. Gaming sites employ the services of different software providers for blackjack games. Software providers that create exciting and high-quality games should be your top pick for a top-notch gaming experience.

    Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos in PA

    • SugarHouse Online Casino: They provide an in-house play with live video stream production with exciting bonuses like 100% match on first, second, third, and fourth deposits.
    • 888 Casino: This site offers a series of attractive no-deposit and welcome bonuses to new clients. These bonuses may be to play live dealer blackjack for money in PA.
    • BetMGM: This site is known for its high-quality live gaming experience. Its mobile app is one of its major selling points. They provide an up-to-the-task customer care service that operates twenty-four hours, seven days a week. They have a no deposit bonus of $20, and a 120% match up to $500
    • Golden Nugget Casino: The site offers exciting bonuses to new customers, such as no-deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses.

    These are real money casinos with the best websites to play live Blackjack for real money.

    Differences Between Live Dealer Blackjack and Online Blackjack

    Online Blackjack tries to replicate the live gaming experience; however, both versions vary greatly. Here are some differences in both games;

    Live Dealer Blackjack Online Blackjack
    Live Dealer blackjack in PA has only a few variations. Online Blackjack provides numerous types of blackjack games.
    Live dealer games are your typical land-based gambling style, with a twist. The twist is that you could be in a different location and still experience the same thing as the in-house dealers. On the other hand, Online Blackjack is played on a website or through a downloaded software called an app supplied by each casino.
    Due to the social interaction in Live Blackjack, players are less anonymous to one another. Online Blackjack provides more privacy.
    The high-quality video stream available for live games gives players a solid recreation of traditional gambling. It has only a few similarities to the land-based game.

    Both versions are provided by several gambling companies to boost casino revenue.

    Types of Live Dealer Blackjack Games


    This type is the standard and simplest form of the game and is suitable for beginners. When a first-timer can understand and perfect the required skill to play this basic style, he or she may try out the other types. The dealer shuffles the cards and shares the face-down cards with the players. The idea is to get a total card value close to 21 and must be higher than those of the dealer. A total card point that is higher than 21 will result in a loss. In this game, gamblers have a higher chance of winning compared to the dealers.


    This version is mostly similar to the game’s basic form, with a difference in the maximum deposit. Players are permitted to make much higher deposits compared to the standard format. It is for those that can afford to place high bets; these gamblers can do business with the best dealers and receive high payouts. Every gambler is allowed to place side bets in addition to their main bets. The side bets include 21+3 or perfect pairs. The game pays a 3:2 ratio, the winning hand pays 1:1, while the insurance pays a 2:1 rate.

    European Blackjack

    European Blackjack is similar to the standard blackjack game, but with few changes. One of the few modifications is that the dealer gets to hand out the cards. This variation of the game uses two to eight decks of cards, excluding the joker. Card numbers two through to nine have a face value, while card number ten to ace has a ten-point value. Players have a one-time chance to split cards.

    American Blackjack

    American Blackjack is slightly different from the European version. The American Blackjack has been said to be the easiest of the two and is dealt with six or eight deck cards. Like the classic game, to win, players get a total card point close to 21 and higher than the dealer’s cards. To get higher than 21 is to lose.

    Pre Decision

    In this game, players can make forehand decisions as they await their turn. Hence, it runs through fast and may mean higher wins, compared to the other types. This type of game can increase your chances of winning. Players will be allowed to play side bets like; Perfect pairs – that is, matching card number/color, or they will be permitted to play bet 21+3.

    Gamers in any of these types of live blackjacks are playing for cash.

    What Are the Odds on Live Dealer Blackjack in Pennsylvania?

    Pennsylvania Blackjack live gambling uses odds to measure the possible outcomes of a game. In Blackjack, the odds change based on the number of decks in a game. The different types of Blackjack use a varying amount of decks. A deck of cards has 0.17% edge, two decks is 0.46%, four decks equal to 0.60%, six is 0.64 and eight decks is 0.65%.

    Royal Match

    This side bet offers in single-deck tables as well as other tables. On a single deck table, an easy match attracts a 3:1 reward, while a royal match attracts 10:1. A single-deck blackjack game has a 3.8% house edge. For a multiple deck table, an easy match has a 5:2 reward, and a royal match has 25:1. This game records a 3.7% house edge.


    This bet’s winning chance depends on the initial two cards and the dealer’s first card. For the player to win, the cards need to give a straight flush. It has a 9:1 reward and a 3.24% house edge. A recent development has shown this type of bet with a higher house edge.

    Lucky Ladies

    This bet’s requirement is for the two initial cards to be queens and record a total of 20 points. The reward is a ratio of 1000:1 if the gambler has double queens of heart and Blackjack by the dealer. The reward is 200:1 if it is without the dealer’s Blackjack. The house edge for this bet records at 17%.

    Super Sevens

    Playing multiple cards with the number 7  is the goal for this bet. If the initial card is a 7, the winning reward is 3:1 if the two initial cards are both sevens, payments are – 50:1 for unsuited and 100:1 for suited. If luck has it that you record your third card as another seven, the payoffs are – 5000:1 for suited and 500:1 for unsuited. Here, the maximum amount that players are allowed to place is $1.

    Live dealer blackjacks have higher stakes compared to traditional ones.

    Winning Strategies and Tips in Live Dealer Blackjack

    There are a few tips you may want to consider to play live dealer blackjack for real money.

    • One crucial tip to consider when playing real money blackjack is to opt for games carrying the lowest edge. This reason is that the best games usually have the least amount of decks. Understanding the house edge of your chosen casino gives you leverage to win.
    • Draft a budget. Try not to let your emotions cloud your judgment because gambling is a game of numbers, and numbers don’t lie. Avoid desperate moves and costly bets above your pay grade.
    • Come up with a game strategy and employ it often. There are four recognized gaming strategies for blackjacks: the Martingale (double the bet of each loss), the Paroli (bet on the double amount of each win), the D’Alambert (one unit increase in the stake of each loss amount), the Basic Blackjack (follow a printed chart that predicts the best moves).

    How to Play Live Blackjack on Mobile Devices

    The mobile version of the game is compatible with most mobile device operators, such as; Android, Windows, and iOS. You will need to register at your choice mobile casino to be able to play your game. The casino should offer live dealer games as one of its products to play Blackjack’s live version.

    The casino’s gaming provider should provide easy interface adaptation for the screen of your device. They should also enable a High-quality video stream for a crisp and clear view of the in-house game.

    Bonuses Offered in Blackjack

    live blackjack bonus adds excitement to playing live dealer blackjack games for real money. Most casinos offer bonuses to new customers. It serves as a motivator to keep them as long-term customers. Different types of bonuses are categorized as welcome bonuses; they include; no deposit bonusesdeposit bonuses, first-time bonuses. A welcome bonus is the best kind of offer.

    They include:

    • Welcome bonuses
    • Deposit bonuses
    • No-deposit bonuses
    • Reload bonuses
    • Cashback bonuses
    • Golden card bonuses
    • VIP deals

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Dealer Blackjack


    • This game style cuts unnecessary expenses away from your gambling budget, like; transportation costs, travel time, and other related costs.
    • You have the option to request a dealer of your choice.


    • There is a reduced speed in the activities of live dealer games. As a result, you may need to wait your turn to have a seat at the table.
    • This restriction may be frustrating to players who desire more than the restricted maximum or lower than the fixed minimum.


    Is live dealer blackjack legal in Pennsylvania?
    Yes, they are, in January 2010 under the Gaming Act (2004)
    Can I place side bets in Pennsylvania?
    Yes, you can pick either of the two available side bets.
    Do I have to download any software to play live dealer blackjack?
    Some casinos require players to download them while some do not need software to play live Blackjack in PA. Instead, they offer instant play games.
    Is live dealer blackjack a good game for non-experienced players?
    Yes, it is. However, it is advisable that you firstly play for free with welcome or no-deposit bonuses to understand the basics.
    How much does it cost to play live dealer blackjack in Pennsylvania?
    It costs as much as you want. The blackjack versions have different stake options; from free plays gotten from bonuses to high bet stakes, the choice is yours to make.
    Can I play live dealer blackjack using a mobile app?
    Yes, it depends on whether the casino requires you to.

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