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Live dealer baccarat is an exciting and innovative way of playing baccarat with a real dealer live with you through video streams. It is organized in a way that gives you the feel of being in a casino. You get to play Pennsylvania baccarat live for real money from the comfort of your home. The casino makes the game as transparent as possible by placing cameras around the table so you can have a better visualization of the dealer’s move. The camera also gives you the sensation of being in a physical casino. You also have controls as the dealer responds to everything, as you ask. People who find themselves unable to move around can opt-in for the live dealer baccarat; you would never want to go to a physical casino to play baccarat again as the experience is thrilling and overwhelming. Suppose you are new to the gambling world and want to go for the rather thrilling live dealer baccarat in Pennsylvania baccarat casinos. In that case, you have to educate yourself about how to go about the game to maximize your fun and profits.

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    BetMGM Online Casino


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    Playing the Live Dealer Baccarat in the State of Pennsylvania – The State’s Issues With the Game

    Pennsylvania is a state that received gambling with open hands. The state has not had any issues with the legalization of online gambling, baccarat inclusive. The state housing fifty-seven cities is one that houses a wide array of online gambling to choose from. When states in the U.S started legalizing online gambling, which includes live dealer baccarat, Pennsylvania was one to legalize and regulate online gambling. So if you reside anywhere in Pennsylvania, you have no reason to fear playing the live dealer baccarat; you are playing a legal game.

    What to Consider When Picking an Online Casino to Play Your Live Dealer Casino Games

    Since you have made up your mind to opt-in for the thrilling game, you know you have to pick an online casino that facilitates the feature, and that would not rig your game. Here are a couple of things that are important and require that you thoroughly consider before settling down for an online casino:

    • Welcome and no-deposit bonus: First, these bonuses have to be the first you get from your online casino. The aim of no-deposit bonuses is to make you try out the casino services before depositing your real money. If you are not satisfied with their services, you would be able to leave the casino at no cost. Welcome bonuses help you to equally deposit little or no money to enjoy their casino services. Although it is advisable that you thoroughly read through the terms and conditions. 888 casinos offer a superb no deposit bonus of $88, which would be good to try out their games, and it is one of 2020’s top real money live baccarat casinos.
    • Safety: Safety here refers to the security of your money. That is why you have to pick a reputable online casino. A casino with an insecure website is a warning sign for you. It would be advisable for you to stay away. That is one reason why punters tend to avoid casinos who are relatively new in the business; it takes time to earn clients’ trust. A site like BETMGM is a secure one and one of the best live baccarat casinos in Pennsylvania.
    • Licensing: Licensing is a very crucial factor. A website without the appropriate license is a huge turn-off. Transactions on an unlicensed website are deemed as an illegal one. You don’t want to be tagged as a criminal, so you should stay away from sites that are yet to receive a license. A site like golden nugget is fully licensed.
    • Players’ feedback: If every other factor is a tick and you check the player’s review of the website, if it is generally bad feedback, you might want to give it a second thought. Bad feedback tells a bad story of the website, so it is in your best interest that you follow current clients’ general sentiments.
    • Jackpots: Jackpots are massive offers and rewards that you could win from spins on your online casino websites. Although it is not a critical factor, it is considered necessary; you never know the fortune you could win from jackpots.
    • Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs are more like rewards and offers that come in the form of discounts. It will save you a couple of spare cash for some extra wagering, so it’s in your best interest if you are on the lookout for them.
    • Software: Software is one major factor that is always overlooked by most punters. You don’t want the website to crash in the middle of a hot game. Also, be on the lookout for multiplatform sites. Websites such as sugarhouse have a mobile app available to both Android and iOS to support their website.

    Rules Governing the Gameplay of Live Dealer Baccarat and How It Differs From Online Baccarat

    Online Baccarat GamesThe rules governing how to play baccarat in Pennsylvania don’t differ much from the regular online baccarat. Here are some significant differences between the online baccarat and the live dealer baccarat:

    • Unlike the online baccarat, the live play offers you, as a player, higher betting limits.
    • At live gameplay, you could choose to play your hand slower and at will compared to the online version that makes use of Random Number Gameplay (RNG)
    • You get to monitor your game more carefully with the cameras looking all over the table. There are lesser chances of your games being rigged by the live dealer.

    Rules Governing the Game

    There is mainly no difference between the rules of land-based casinos and the live dealer version. For a reminder, here are baccarat rules and strategy you should keep in mind when playing:

    • You have three options of putting your wager on; either the banker’s hand, the player’s hand, or instead place it on being a tie bet, which is not advised by baccarat players.
    • The way to win the game is wagering correctly on the hand that will have a total of nine or very close to nine by using just two or three cards.
    • Payouts are offered in the ratio 1:1 mostly except that of tie bet. The live game is played with either six or eight decks of cards.
    • The game is played with two cards dealt with the player, and another two dealt with the banker.
    • If, by chance, the total of the banker’s hand is either zero, one or two, then the banker takes a third card.
    • Simultaneously, if the player’s hand total is between zero and five, a third card is also dealt with the player.
    • The total of the cards being between two to nine retains the face value. An ace is a single point. Ten is deducted for the total to give the value for the totals that are greater than ten. For example, if the total yields fifteen, then ten is subtracted, which yields five.

    The game might seem complicated, but an understanding of the rules will see to it that you enjoy the face-paced action. Although, in a live dealer baccarat game, your internet connectivity must be strong and stable to ensure a smooth game. It also demands a high-quality camera for good visuals. For better communication with the live dealer, you might need to get a mic. All these facilitate your enjoyment of the game.

    Major Variants of Baccarat

    Baccarat, like most games, comes in variations. Here are the five variations of the game:

    • Punto Banco: Punto banco is one of the most common of the variations. It is associated with relatively easy to learn and play. New bettors quickly master the variation. The maximum players that can participate are twelve. You should note that you can’t alter your decision once you place a bet, so you have to be careful. Aces are single points, as of the general rule of baccarat, cards between two and nine are worth their face values. While others like the king, queen, ten are worth zero. Although, the variant holds one of the lowest house advantages. To win the game, you have to have a total face value of nine or very close.
    • Mini Baccarat: The name says it all; it can be described as a mini version of baccarat. In the mini, you use eight decks of cards. Like the general game, you have to hit a total face value of nine or close to win the game. The earlier, the better. The rules are the same. Each card between two and nine have their face value retained. The ace also worth one point.
    • Super 6 Baccarat: The rules also coincide in its ways. What to note is that the super 6 side bet is a bet placed on the bankers’ hand that the banker will win with an exact point count of six, predicting that any contrary outcome would be a loss. All side bets won from super-6 are rewarded on the ratio 12:1. Unless the banker’s hand wins with a point count of six, you are only paid 50% of the bet.
    • EZ Baccarat: The EZ baccarat presents itself as a somewhat different variant as an introduction of ‘DRAGON 7’, which depicts a hand’s appearance. The Dragon 7 bets are regarded as an insurance bet and pays in the ratio 40:1. The ‘PANDA 8’ bet is when the player’s hand’s total winning point is equal to eight. It pays in the ratio 25:1. So bettors can either bet on a tie, DRAGON 7 or PANDA 8. The hand with the highest point wins, except, of course, it is a DRAGON 7.
    • Chemin De Fer: The Chemin De Fer is more of an original version of the game. It also has its rules similar to the normal one. The player aims to have a higher score than the banker. Payouts are made in the ratio 1:1. The chemin de fer is more of a French variant of the game, and everything that applies to the English variant is equally essential.

    The Types of Bets in Baccarat and the Odds of Each Occurrence

    Unlike most casino games, baccarat does not grace its players with many betting types to pick from. The three main types of bets alongside Pennsylvania baccarat betting odds are:

    • The bankers’ bet: The bankers’ bet is considered the more favorable side with a higher chance of 45.8%, slightly higher than its competitor. Although it has the lowest house edge of all the options, with 1.06%. Winning this wager will be in a ratio of 1:1. A commission of 5% is also deducted if the bet wins.
    • The player’s bet: It is the opposite and competitor of the bankers bet. The chances are lower, with 44.6% odds. Payouts are equally 1:1. Although the bankers bet is highly favored over the players bet, that does not stop you from betting on it if you feel the chances are higher for that game. It graces a house edge of 1.36%.
    • Tie bets: The least favored of all three options with a lower chance of 9,6%. However, the house edge is a staggering 14.4%, with payouts as high as 8:1. You’d expect nothing less for something with a lower probability.

    General Tips on Playing the Live Baccarat

    Here are some general guidelines for playing live baccarat in PA:

    • Most importantly, you have to understand the PA rules of live baccarat and how it works.
    • The banker’s bet wins most of the time. On the other hand, the tie bet rarely wins, so it’s advisable to limit your bet to either the player or banker’s hand.
    • Streaks are not so uncommon in the game, so betting on the previous winner would increase your chances.
    • Try to study your opponent; most times, you will tend to spot a pattern that will help you capitalize.

    Playing Live Dealer Baccarat On Mobile Platforms

    Playing live baccarat on your mobile in PA depends on your casino. Provided that your casino has an app supported on your platform (either iOS or Android), you should have no issues. You have to ensure that your mobile device has a stable internet connection, a working camera, and a functioning mic.

    Bonuses Offered By Baccarat

    Here are the most common bonuses you stand to get that are applicable for baccarat. The value of the bonus may vary depending on your casino.

    • Welcome bonuses
    • Deposit bonuses
    • No deposit bonuses
    • Reload bonuses
    • Cashback bonuses

    Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Baccarat


    • The tendency of getting cheated is lower as you are on the watch.
    • You get to interact with other players, giving you the physical casino feel.
    • You have considerable control over the game speed.


    • The service is deemed quite costly.
    • Some sounds from other players can be disturbing.


    Is live dealer baccarat legal in PA?
    Yes, online gambling is legal in Pennsylvania.
    Can I play live baccarat for free in Pennsylvania?
    No, Pennsylvania live baccarat requires that you wager real money.
    How can I play live dealer baccarat on my smartphone?
    This is dependent on your casino; visit your online casino platform.
    Are there winning strategies for live baccarat that can guarantee my winnings?
    No, gambling is about probabilities, so playing baccarat for real money can’t guarantee you 100% wins.
    Are live baccarat games rigged?
    No, if you feel that yours is rigged, then you should consider changing your casino.

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