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Live betting in the Granite State could only get more exciting with an increasing number of off-track betting sites for horse bets. We are referring to Pennsylvania Online Sports Betting in 2020 and the impact that legalized sports have on horse races. Pennsylvania experienced an increase in horse betting with the introduction of Racinos. This increase leads professionals and predictors to believe that legalizing sports will have an even bigger influence in this popular sports wagering. More people are expected to start wagering online.

Horse Betting Legislation/ Pennsylvania online horse Betting Laws

The Race Horse Industry Reform Act passed in 1959, starting this state off with six facilities where players can indulge in this coveted sport. State Horse Racing Commission passed new legislation after several years of decline in legal horse betting in Pennsylvania. It was the construction and licensing of a new breed of online horse racing betting called Racinos. It was a combination of casino and legal sports betting to attract players to reinvest in reliable horse betting sites in Pennsylvania. Racinos grew since then, however, it is unknown how the legalization of online betting sportsbooks in 2017 has impacted horse races online.

All Pennsylvania Online Horse Betting Sites:


BetAmerica provides access to global bettors with over 400 tracks covered. Featuring excellent Android and iPhone apps, BetAmerica focuses on greyhound, horse racing and fantasy sports. It is an excellent app for live races streaming as well as replays. Players that look for the best Pennsylvania Online Sports Betting in 2020 with excellence in horses must register at BetAmerica.


TVG is a Fanduel subsidiary that launched in 1999 with an extensive betting menu. It offers both local and international racing with high-quality video.


TwinSpires is the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Down’s official wagering service while providing bettors to quarter, standardbred and thoroughbred animals around the globe. It is one of the only online services that allow bettors to view 5 races at the same time.

How does horse betting work?

Players need to figure out which animal they like and how they want to proceed to place a wager. There are several different wagering options which you can look at below but if you are a novice try your hand at show, place or win to get your feet wet. Try skilled bets like exotics for nice pay-outs when you gained experience. An advantage is that you can wager as little as you want even when placing a bet like a trifecta or a combination bet.

Types of Bets to Place in Pennsylvania Online Horse Betting:

Straight Bets 

The most basic of all:

  • Win – common and simplest form of betting where your pony must be first
  • Place – your pony must finish first or second
  • Show – your pony must be first, second or third

Combination Straight Bets

  • Across the Board – you place a bet on a single pony that could finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd. For example, place a wager of $1 across the board means that you wager $1 for a win, $1 for it to have a place and $1 to show. When it is 1st, you will collect 3 bets, when it comes 2nd, you get the show and place bets while you collect show bet when it comes 3rd.
  • Win/Place – you are placing a double bet for it to be first or second
  • Place/Show – you place a wager that it could be second or third

Exotic Bets

  • Exacta – you need to decide on which pony will be finishing first followed by the second one in a race
  • Quinella – a quinella is like an exacta as you also pick two animals for 1st and 2nd place except you should place the one that is lower priced as a win
  • Trifecta – here you choose the exact order to complete in first place, second followed by animal number 3
  • Superfecta – again the order must be right when you decide on which four will take up the first four spots in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Exotic Bets on Multiple Races

Exotics are a profitable way to win even though these are tricky and seasoned players make their money. A wager is placed on more than one potential outcome where the aim is to have several instances on a ticket. When your picks were predicted correctly you win and if a single one is out, you lose. Exotics do not allow for a partial winning ticket. Two common wagers that are placed in exotics are wheeling and boxing.

Boxing, for example, gives a bettor option to choose more horses than needed. Instead of 2 horses, players can choose 3 or more and picking more potential outcomes. However, it is a more expensive bet as you will be paying for all potential predictions. Wheel bets are similar to Box, except it offers higher potential payout with a specific pony chosen to finish in a place.

Pennsylvania Derby

Every year in September, the Pennsylvania Derby thoroughbred contest is held at Parx. This race, with its purse of more than $1 million, started back in 1979 and has the biggest race of this track each year.

What is the Triple Crown?

An animal that wins three races, Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes as well as Kentucky Derby, gets this Triple Crown. These races are run over six weeks and owner of both TwinSpires and BetAmerica, Churchill Downs Inc. hosts this prestigious Kentucky Derby in Louisville in May every year. Jockeys covet this race and it is one of the most wagered on and well-known horse racing events. For over four decades this field has been limited to 20 entrants and is 1.25-mile race. Kentucky Derby betting is first to run, followed by Preakness 2 weeks later which only hosts 14 jockeys. Three weeks after that is Belmont Stakes, Breeder’s Cup, which is the longest of these 3 races with a distance of 1.5 miles.

How to bet on horses 

Novices really don’t need to feel intimidated Pennsylvania Online Horse Betting. There are multiple ways to wager, either telephonically, online, at standalone machines, off-track betting site or live teller neither of which are complicated. Follow these simple instructions to place your wagers:

  • Decide where is the track
  • Choose a race
  • Decide on the cash amount
  • Choose a type of wager
  • Choose horse or horses depending on race type by using their number.
  • For example, Pimlico racing, Race 3, $10 to win on number 3

How to read a program 

A horse racing program might look confusing when you see it at first. This is because a lot of data is inserted like how it has performed over specific distances, previous races won, how often it worked out, who its trainer and jockey were, where the specific race was run, etc.

Read a program easier:

  • Race dates show bettors how well and when horses have run during races.
  • Race number plus abbreviations only sound or look confusing but read it as it is meant, read races and check which tracks it has competed at
  • Race restrictions are advanced words for what race conditions are like
  • Post position tells a player where in line an animal is starting from the gate
  • Final time tells a bettor how long it took to get from beginning to finish line
  • Fractional time is specific periods during a race and where a horse was at that stage compared to others in a race
  • Weight is not the horses own weight but the weight of a jockey it carries during a race

History of horse racing in Pennsylvania

In USA horse racing is big and always has been. It goes back for centuries even though modern-day wagering was only established at the start of the 20th century. Kentucky was the first state where pari-mutuel betting was legalized. New York, then Maryland followed suit with more states following throughout 1900. With the Interstate Horseracing Act in 1959, Pennsylvania received three licenses for harness racing.

In 1963, the state opened its first track, Meadows racetrack where punters could begin placing wagers. When thoroughbred legislation passed in 1968, dual meets were conducted at its 3 tracks and the first PA track to concentrate on thoroughbred leading races was Penn National. Commodore Downs and Keystone followed shortly after that. In 1983 the first online wagering was operational which was called Call-A-Bet. It continues until today, albeit modernized and called Xpressbet.


What’s the age requirement?

To place sports wagers on horses a player must be 18 years old. However, to play casino games for real money requires that a player be no younger than 21 years.

Will a credit/debit card work to deposit funds at the Best Pennsylvania Online Horse Betting Sites?

Debit and credit cards are accepted at sportsbooks, casinos, off-track sites. The downside is that some banks in Pennsylvania frown upon sports wagers even though they are trusted sites, therefore should a player speak to customer service on the chosen platform to confirm.

Who can place a legal wager on horse races in Pennsylvania?

Anyone who is within Pennsylvania state line can begin placing wagers on horses. Apps, smartphone devices as well as desktops have geolocation software to confirm where players live. While you don’t have to live in Pennsylvania, you must be in the state to place a wager, access banking or make withdrawals.
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